How to Enroll Your Partner in Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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Becoming an entrepreneur whether it's intentionally or unintentionally through losing your job, is a time of high stress.

This stress can impact your relationship with your significant other. Your partner may genuinely want to be supportive and say supportive things, but the stress of being the sole breadwinner can show up as pressure to replace your income quickly or even snide comments or jokes said in jest that hint at the fear that lies underneath.

Who this is for

  • You've started your entrepreneurial journey. Your partner says they're supportive, but it doesn't feel like it
  • There's new tension in your relationship after starting out on your own
  • You've lost your job and are looking for other ways to earn income and the pressure to do so quickly is impacting your relationship

What to expect

In this short micro-coaching session you will be guided through

  • things for your partner to consider as you learn to earn your own income
  • how to have the conversation
  • tools to enroll, not convince your partner to be on board (convincing doesn't work)
  • thought exercises you can do with your partner to find common ground and get on the same page
  • all future updated versions

About Miche

Entrepreneur and former AI Senior Product Manager with a Master of Art in Communications and Technology.

She's made the transition from entrepreneur to employee and back to entrepreneurship. She owned a financial planning practice where she met with hundreds of couples about their finances.

With her Unstuck in 15 micro-coaching program she helps entrepreneurs get unstuck so they can stop spending time and money on indecision

Get this video guide to enroll your partner in your entrepreneurial journey

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A recorded session with conversation starters and thought exercises for you and your parnter

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How to Enroll Your Partner in Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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